The Galicia Nueva castle hotel is located in the south of central Slovakia, 8 kilometers north of the city of Lučenec and just a short distance from the border with Hungary. The best way to travel to the hotel by car from Bratislava (about 270 km away) is to take the highway toward Zvolen and then it continues to Lučenec. From Košice the hotel can be reached via Rimavská Sobota (about 160 kilometers). It is also possible to fly into either Sliač Airport, about 65 kilometers away, or to the local airport in Boľkovce, a distance of 15 kilometers from the castle hotel.

Today’s Galicia Nueva castle hotel has risen on a hill overlooking the village of Halič. Near the castle are other castles and manor houses telling the story of historical Slovakia and Great Hungary, in places such as Fiľakovo, Novohrad and Modrý Kameň. The area also boasts Gothic churches in Ľuboreč and Starý Halič, and a delicately reconstructed synagogue in Lučenec.

Close to the hotel are the Ružiná Recreation Center with the possibility of water sports and swimming, the historically remarkable village of Divín with the ruins of a Gothic castle, the Central Slovak Wine Region Road and the thermal swimming pool at Dolná Strehová, or travel to nearby Hungary and see the 18th century Baroque castle complex in Gödöllő.