Spoil yourself with this gift or donate to those, who you appreciate, that most valuable gift which presents a pleasantly spent time with your closest family members; in this case in unique environment of renovated castle. The beautiful environment breathing by history, gastronomically experiences in the Rosalia restaurant also the unique wellness, in which you will feel as in real ancient spa, make the stay in the castle hotel unforgettable. During the stay our personal will glad care for you in order you really live like at a castle.

You know the feeling, when you enter room which is so soaked with an atmosphere, that you feel it up to the fingertips? You feel like dancing in space, preserving it inside, you feel like not forgetting the feeling which it evokes. Imagine you enter the castle through which the nobility passed long ago. In long wedding clothes, hand in hand with your love with which you have just said yourself the YES. There is a castle atmosphere, glitter of crystal chandeliers and a touch of history at the ancient frescos.

Spoil yourself with it and dedicate to your closest family members an unforgettable experience in form of a stay in beautiful environment of renovated castle or a real gourmet experience for which the chief cook will care with his team. A gift voucher for accommodation or gastronomic services in the castle hotel is a valuable and exceptional gift and it is an ideal way to give to someone an unforgettable experience and to express an acknowledgement and respect to those who we appreciate.

Castle Tours

For interested persons, which want to learn more of the history of castle, we offer the castle tours for the public with explanation. During the tour the visitors will see the District hall with original decoration which has no comparability in the territory of Slovakia, the rococo stove oven also the stucco decoration of ceilings. The explanation contains the rich history of the castle connected with fates of original owners, first of all from the Forgach lineage. The tour is led by a corridor with a cycle of wall paintings of Hungarian rulers of 16th – 17th century.