Castle Park

Castle Park

The English Forest Park with a pond is a unique place that will immediately transport you to an oasis of peace. A picnic in the park or a boat ride under the romantic bridge to an original island will captivate not only romantic souls.

Everyone who likes to listen to the sounds of nature, but also those who are more active – cyclists, dog owners, or recreational fishermen – will enjoy it.

Multi-purpose Sports Court

For those who enjoy an active lifestyle, the castle park offers a carefully thoughtfully established multi-purpose sports court. Organize a friendly tournament in ping-pong, tennis, volleyball or badminton during your holiday with us, where the ultimate win will be time spent together with your loved ones.

Castle Pond with Filagoria Pavilion

The original pond with a picturesque island and beach loungers serves as the heart of the castle park. It is an idyllic location for summer relaxation, complemented with a refreshing beverage.

Children’s Playground

We've created a special zone in the park for our younger guests, where with love, we have constructed a children's playhouse with a sandbox, slide, and swings.

Castle Mini Farm

Our animals, residents of the mini farm, also live in harmony with nature. For our small farmers, we carefully prepare healthy treats in the kitchen, which will please donkey Galicio who loves delicacies, friendly pony Pedro as well as other animals who look forward to every one of your visits.