Step into a world of relaxation and harmony

The Antique Wellness, a heaven where you can recharge with new energy.

The wellness facility features a recreational pool, a whirlpool, both dry and steam saunas, a relaxation room, and a fitness center. We offer a wide selection of massages, spa treatments, and the possibility to refresh with drinks from our menu.

Massages and Spa Therapies


Massage is one of the most enjoyable methods to improve overall body condition. It provides relaxation, eliminates fatigue, and restores flexibility to stiff muscles.


Body Treatments

The use of natural products in treatments offers significant therapeutic and relaxation effects, stemming from the blend of massage techniques, therapeutic products, and heat.


Dry Massage

The hydromassage bed, massaging with six jets with a stream of warm water from 25 °C to 40 °C through a rubber sheet.


Facial Treatments

A facial massage has relaxing and detoxifying effects, also stimulates blood circulation and relieves tension. In addition, it is attributed with a beautifying effect.


Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen therapy is a curative and regenerative technique that deliberate inhalation of oxygen, concentrated up to 98%, which has significant healing effects.


Andulation Therapy

Andulation Therapy stimulates cell self-healing. It works by generating mechanical vibrations ranging from 10 to 70 Hz. The objective is to initiate the body's self-healing processes by acting on cellular tissue.